Gary romano

president and ceo

Mr. Romano is an award-winning strategist, author, and adviser for nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs whose work has helped grow national and regional organizations, move startups to stable state, and bring new ideas to market. He is the published author of two books, Small But Mighty, which is helping entrepreneurs to launch and grow nonprofit consultancies, and Lean Recruitment, an innovative system to cost-effectively recruit talent. Mr. Romano has been quoted in numerous online and print publications including The Boston Globe, Inc. Magazine, and Monster.comMr. Romano is a SHRM Certified Senior Professional and has a Master’s in Urban Affairs and Planning and a Bachelor’s in Political Science.



Alison Larocca

Engagement Manager

Ms. Larocca is an experienced education and management consultant professional who partners with public serving organizations to help them better understand and grow their impact. She is the co-author of the book Lean Recruitment, which aims to support nonprofit leaders as they cost-effectively attract and engage top talent. Alison is a graduate of Williams College and holds a Masters in Elementary Education from Merrimack College, and is a recipient of the Kenneth E. Pickard Municipal Innovation Award. She is also a passionate advocate for the arts, especially dance as she leads the Albany Berkshire Ballet as President of its Board of Directors into a new era of innovation and impact across the Northeast.


Abby king

senior Consultant

Ms. King has 15 years of experience in some of the nation’s most under-resourced areas.  She began her career as a Teach for America corps member in New Orleans, where she spent 3 years teaching both general and special education in the early elementary grades. After moving to Boston, she spent four years teaching 4th grade at the award-winning Community Day Prospect Charter School in Lawrence, MA and in 2012 was appointed as founding Head of School for the newly chartered Community Day Gateway, where she served as the instructional and operational director of the school for three years. Abby holds a Masters of Education from Harvard University and a Masters of Art in Teaching from Xavier University of Louisiana, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies from Skidmore College. 


Stacey Dailey Roussin


Ms. Dailey Roussin is experienced in nonprofit governance and fundraising as well as private financial management and accounting. She has supported multiple nonprofit organizations in multiple capacities, including serving as a member of the Board for the Albany Berkshire Ballet.  Ms. Dailey Roussin has participated in raising tens of thousands of dollars for health, community, and national nonprofits, and committed to continuing her efforts in the future. Ms. Dailey Roussin started her career in the field of accounting and finance working for a number of companies including Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company and TransWorld Entertainment. She holds a Bachelor’s in Accounting and Computer Science from Russell Sage College.