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Why You Need Strategy Now More Than Ever

Gary Romano
Posted by Gary Romano on Jan 13, 2020 1:59:11 PM

As I look to 2020, I’m anxious. And I know I’m not alone.

There’s a great deal of uncertainty in our future – political, economic, and cultural. Last week, an Axios poll of CFOs across the nation found that 97% of them believe we are in a recession or will be in one by the end of 2020. This could lead to a major shift in how our organizations operate. And our economic health is just one of the many factors likely to change for better or worse this year.

In times of shifting uncertainty, I always recommend that our clients navigate by way of a clear strategic plan--a personal “North Star” for the organization. A cogent strategic plan empowers the organization to address any unforeseen challenges that emerge and can even point the way towards seizing unexpected opportunities.FYNSIMage

As a consultancy specialized in working with small- to mid-sized organizations serving the greater good, many of our clients come to us having faced disappointment in their strategic planning experience. Past attempts to cobble together strategic plans were often stymied by their already strained resources, other commitments, and unclear direction. As a result, they’ve concluded that developing an effective strategic plan is an option only meant for larger, national organizations who can afford pricey external support.

And yet without strategic planning, organizations struggle to articulate their direction and vision, both internally with their own staff and externally to donors and advocates. Without a clear and convincing story, fundraising falters and the organization falls into a negative feedback loop. Taking the time to invest in a solid strategic plan--to clarify the organizational ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘how’--results in a clearer and more coherent path for guiding your organization’s team building, program development, marketing, and fundraising. Further, it allows for a landscape assessment, to home in on the funding streams that are most likely to have a positive ROI.

Because these elements are so essential to the success of every nonprofit, we at Civitas Strategies have devoted our efforts to the development of effective strategic planning methods that are cost-accessible for all. In our 23 years of facilitating strategic planning in the private, public, and non-profit sectors, we have developed revolutionary strategic planning protocols, transforming the typically bloated planning process into a lean and powerful tool that any small-to-mid-sized organization can leverage with clarity and focus. In support of the immeasurable value our clients provide to their community of service, our goal is to ensure that the opportunity to benefit from strategic direction is available to all organizations, regardless of size or budget.

In 2019 we codified our proprietary planning methodology, Finding Your North StarTM, into a self-guided planning program that organizations can implement in-house. To ensure success, the program includes targeted coaching from Civitas Strategies throughout the process, allowing your planning team to receive necessary professional support, without the high cost. This process results in a professional, realistic, and executable plan that will guide your organization forward and further the impact of your critical mission.

The best part? The entire system, with coaching support, is priced between $3,500 to $5,000--depending on your organization’s specific needs–a mere fraction of the cost of a typical strategic planning package.

In recognition of the potentially turbulent year ahead and in appreciation for the work of non-profit organizations nationwide, this year we are offering this Finding Your North StarTM system, including coaching, to a selected organization absolutely free of charge.

If you are interested in this opportunity for an organization you are affiliated with, please use the link below to submit a brief application. If selected, your organization will receive all the supports afforded our regular clients, completely without cost to you.To learn more and apply, please CLICK HERE. And don’t hesitate to share with others who may be interested.

Together, let’s prepare for 2020, whatever it may bring!

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Gary Romano

Written by Gary Romano

Gary Romano is an award-winning strategist, author, and advisor for nonprofit leaders and entrepreneurs whose work has helped grow national and regional organizations, move startups to stable state, and bring new ideas to market. He is the published author of two books, Small But Mighty, which is helping entrepreneurs to launch and grow nonprofit consultancies, and Lean Recruitment, an innovative system to cost-effectively recruit talent. Gary is a SHRM Certified Senior Professional and has a Master’s in Urban Affairs and Planning and a Bachelor’s in Political Science. Gary is a history buff with multiple published magazine articles on ancient strategy and an ever-growing collection of Greek and Roman coins.

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